1. Had the best night ever at my debs got an award for bravery and courage.
    Im so thankful for the support everyone gave me while at school :)


  2. What I want to tell my joints when they decide to flare.


  3. My debs is tomorrow. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get dressed up and have a great night with my friends :)

  4. Got this in the post today from my mams friend over in England I think it’s adorable :) #debs #tomorrow #can’t #wait #so #excited


  5. "It’s not that I’m ashamed to be sick and that’s why I hide it. It’s that I’m afraid to be pitied. I don’t need pity. I need understanding."
    — Every spoonie ever. (via checkthyselffoo)
  7. soontobeanearlswife:

    Yes my friends its true…ask any Irish person!

    May I add one…. *  An Irish person can always spot a fellow Paddy*


  8. Look at yourself. Look at yourself really close. Think about all you’ve been through. All the tears you’ve cried. All the hurt you’ve felt. All the times you thought you couldn’t handle anymore. Realize how far you’ve come. How strong you are today. How brave and beautiful you are. Smile. You are stronger than you think. You’re one amazing person. Know that. Tell yourself. Believe it.


  9. When I’m in pain in public but trying not to show it…


    My face is all like…


    (via talesofazebra)


  10. me when I am finally well enough to get back online after being gone for more than 24 hours…